Four Things You Need To Know When Sourcing Industrial Fasteners

6 April 2022
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Almost every industrial application requires fasteners. Industrial fasteners are what hold almost everything you use together. Without reliable fasteners, your furniture, automobiles, buildings, cell phones, and many other things will crumble. Unfortunately, you are not likely to prioritize these essential parts of any assembling activity. Please invest in industrial fasteners before deciding to make any purchase. Here are four things you need to know when sourcing industrial fasteners.


You need to understand the various materials used to make industrial fasteners to determine the brittleness, strength, and corrosion resistance. For instance, stainless steel and ordinary steel are the most common materials used to make industrial fasteners due to their formability, tensile strength, and durability. Stainless steel is loved for its remarkable corrosion resistance. Steel and plastic industrial fasteners are popular in the automobile industry. Silicon bronze is used for marine applications like dock equipment. Silicon is better than brass because of its strength and is preferred over steel because of the high corrosion resistance. Unfortunately, bronze is expensive and might not be economically viable for some industrial applications. The other common fastener materials are aluminum and brass. These fasteners resist corrosion but at a slower rate than steel and bronze. Aluminum is applied in areas where weight reduction is admired, while brass adds aesthetics.


Industrial products need a particular type of fastener. Be keen on the fastener head that meets the intended purpose. You can go for ready-made, off-the-shelf fasteners or customize them using various equipment like professional abrasives. However, customization is more expensive.


Industrial fasteners make use of coating for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, coatings are applied to add extra resistance to corrosion. Therefore, your hand trucks can be more durable and appealing to the eye if coated industrial fasteners are used to assemble them. The coatings used are hot-dip galvanizing, chrome, and zinc. A zinc coating increases corrosion resistance but can rust if used in places with high humidity or after the coat is damaged. Additional resistance is assured by a thick, zinc-galvanized coat. On the other hand, chrome coatings are used for aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

Size and Source

Size is another measure that is essential while sourcing industrial fasteners. Consider the diameter, thread sizing, length, and pitch. Lastly, settle on a reliable source that will satisfy your needs. Your source needs to be flexible to your industrial needs and deliver quality industrial fasteners.

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