Restore An Old Military Truck

10 January 2022
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Military trucks are most noted for their rugged exterior, no-frills aesthetics, and their capability to drive across any type of terrain. In more recent years, many civilians have opted to purchase military vehicles that are no longer used by the military. If you are going to purchase a military truck, consider what types of parts you will need to obtain for any mechanical or cosmetic upgrades that you plan on performing.

Access To Essential Parts

The lights, brake system, frame, and suspension are all vital parts. You will need to verify that these parts are in an operable order prior to driving your new military vehicle. A government surplus sale may list vehicles that are no longer needed, but are relatively in good shape. An older vehicle may have been used to transport troops during a former battle or may have played a key role during formal training sessions. Inspect each vehicle that you may ultimately purchase and inquire about the previous ownership and any repairs that have been made.

Research military truck parts that will be needed to upgrade an engine, a body, or other parts of a vehicle that appear to be damaged. Being certain that you will be able to purchase OEM or aftermarket parts for a particular truck model that is of interest is the most important step. A military parts supplier may also sell some pre-owned parts that are in relatively good shape, but are less costly than new automotive materials.

Fully-Wired Parts And Cosmetic Upgrades

Many military vehicles use a breaker-point ignition system. This type of system can be upgraded with a key switch ignition system. Using parts that contain wire assemblies that are ready for use will omit the need to connect a series of wires or determine the best way to route the wiring under a vehicle's dashboard. Other parts that contain outdated bulbs or complicated wiring setups can also be replaced with parts that contain adapters or connectors.

A part that contains an adapter or a connector will operate in the same fashion as original automotive parts, but will likely not take as long to exchange. If you will be performing cosmetic upgrades, consider purchasing military-grade paint, slipcovers, and other essentials that will restore an old military vehicle's appearance.

Before you settle on one particular military vehicle parts supplier, learn about their exchange and return policies. A wholesale or retail distributor may allow full exchanges or refunds for products that retain their original packaging and receipt. Contact a local supplier, such as Equipment Parts Sales, to learn more.