Things To Consider When Lifting The Truck You Use Daily

3 February 2017
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When you start modifying your truck for offroad use or maybe just lift the suspension to make the truck look better, you may affect other parts of the truck. You have to take into consideration what you still need the truck to do and what limitations are acceptable when you decide how far you want to go with the modifications to the truck. Take the time to plan out the modifications before you start and consider the options carefully as you decide what you want to build.

Suspension Modifications

When you decide to put some height under your 4-wheel drive truck, you have to take the time to plan things out and make sure the truck remains safe. A suspension lift kit or system that has been engineered to work properly on your truck is the best way to go. Each kit is designed so that the modifications made to the truck will not cause it to handle adversely or make it unsafe to drive. There are many manufacturers that can help you source the proper parts and make your truck fun while allowing you to drive it without the concern of breakdowns.

Tire and Wheel Options

Raising your truck will allow you to replace the tires and wheels with bigger and wider ones. When you raise the truck suspension, the center of gravity on the truck will be higher so the larger, wider stance created by the new tires and wheels will help stabilize the truck as you drive it. There are so many options available that can work in this situation so the best option is to talk with a tire dealer about what you are doing so they can help you understand what will work for your project.

Towing Considerations

If you tow with your truck, you might have an issue if you raise it too high. One solution for this is to add a drop hitch to the back of the truck. The hitch is basically the same as a standard hitch but with an offset in the hitch to drop the ball down so you can attach a trailer to the ball and keep the load level and keep the trailer tracking properly behind the truck. In some cases, the drop would need to be very deep and you may benefit from adding a custom hitch to the truck to lower the attachment point for the drop hitch and receiver. If you need a custom hitch installed on your truck, a fabrication shop, RV dealer, or tow hitch installer can help you get the parts sorted out and installed on the truck safely and securely. Contact a company like Geny Hitch to learn more.