4 Ways To Lower Your Heating Oil Costs

10 January 2017
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If you use heating oil to warm your home during a cold winter, you know firsthand just how expensive this amenity can be. Fortunately, there are a host of things you can do to help lower your expenses and use your oil more efficiently.

Get A Tune Up

If you haven't done so, set aside some time to have your system tuned up. One of the leading reasons for increased cost is a system that isn't running efficiently, such as burning too much oil. Simply from regular use, a furnace can start to operate less efficiently, even if there isn't a malfunction issue present. A tune-up is somewhat of a reset that can get all the working parts back on track and working properly.   

Don't Overlook Natural Light

Make sure you aren't overlooking natural light. During the day, open your blinds and curtains to allow the light and the heat rays from the sun to come inside your home. Letting this warmth inside automatically increases the air temperature inside your home, allowing you to rely less on your heating system. Just make sure you are closing them as soon as the sun goes down so that you aren't losing the warmth you gained.

Arrange Furniture Properly

Be mindful of the manner in which you arrange furniture around your home. This is an especially important tip if your home has radiators or registers that are located on the floor. Even if you aren't covering the register with your furniture, if it is too close, it may still inhibit the heat from flowing circulating properly. This will only cause you to rely on your heating system more, leading to increased cost. Ensure the area around your radiator and registers are clear so that heat can easily flow out.

Inspect For Gaps

Set aside some time on the weekend to check all the doors and windows around your home for gaps. Even a small amount of space around these areas is ample for cold air from the outside to enter in and lower the air temperature inside your home. On a cold day, run your hands over the perimeter of the doors and windows to see if you can feel a cool breeze. If you do, it's time to re-caulk.

The more effort you put into heating your home efficiently, the lower your cost for heating oil. Make sure you're making an effort to keep your costs lower.