Different Root Barrier Systems To Prevent Tree Problems From Returning In Septic Lines

4 January 2017
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Tree roots are a big problem when they are too close to septic lines. The roots will get into the lines and form balls that stop up drains. In some areas, cutting the tree down may be the best solution. Removing a tree is not always the best solution, and this may mean you need some type of root barrier system to keep roots out of drain lines. Here are some solutions that can help to keep the roots out of your pipes:

1. Chemical Lawn Treatments That Prevent Roots from Growing New Pipes

Your landscaping can be treated with a special chemical treatment that helps to inhibit root growth. Treatments are great if you do not want to deal with the hassle of excavation and your landscaping being a mess. The chemical root barrier treatments are best for areas with few plants, such as in a yard with hardscaping and gravel instead of grass. If you have a grass lawn, you should be cautious with this solution because it can cause grass to die.

2. DIY Barriers to Keep Roots from Growing in The Pipes Around Your Home

Barrier systems can also be done on your own with DIY projects. All you need to do is use a type of landscaping textile and wood to create a barrier between roots and the area with septic system components. If you choose a DIY solution, make sure that the barrier is a safe distance from any plumbing. Depending on the extent of root systems, you may want to use several barriers and a combination of materials to give your septic system the most protection.

3. Professionally Installed Root Barrier Systems to Stop Roots from Spreading

There are also septic systems that you may want to consider a professional root barrier system. The professionally installed root barrier system will consist of multiple components to make a barrier that is impenetrable. If you are worried about the contamination of water supply or do not want to use a chemical treatment, a professionally installed root barrier system is a good idea.

With a good barrier system, you will be able to keep roots out of drain lines and avoid stopped up drain problems. Contact a septic maintenance service if trees are causing your plumbing problem, and talk with them about some of these root barrier solutions to prevent problems from causing costly repairs to your septic system.