Why You Shouldn't Ignore Cracks In Your Concrete Driveway

27 December 2016
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If you have a concrete driveway, you might have noticed that it has started cracking over the years. Even though concrete driveways are built to last for a long time, there is always the chance of cracks appearing. This can happen because of the weight of the vehicles that are driving over the driveway, because of soil shifting or for a host of other reasons. However, no matter how common they might be, you do not want to ignore the cracks in your concrete driveway. These are the main reasons why.

They Could Be Dangerous

The first and most important reason why you should not ignore cracks in your concrete driveway is the fact that someone could get hurt. For example, if you have kids who love to play in the driveway, you should think about the risk of them tripping over a crack and falling. This is also a concern if you and your family or your guests park in the driveway and walk into the house; if you aren't paying attention or if you aren't steady on your feet, you could run the risk of getting hurt. If you go ahead and repair the cracks, you can help prevent these dangerous situations and the injuries that can go along with them.

The Problem Will Only Get Worse

Another reason why you shouldn't ignore the cracks in your concrete driveway is the fact that the problem is probably only going to get worse. If you have ever seen a really worn-out concrete driveway, you probably realize just how worn out your concrete can become if you don't take care of it. As the elements beat on your damaged driveway and as cracks fill with water and freeze during the winter, you can expect for the problem to get worse and worse. This can even be exacerbated by driving over the cracks, which can put weight on the different sides of the crack and can pull the concrete apart. This might not happen right away, but you can definitely expect your concrete driveway to become in worse shape over time. Then, instead of being able to repair a few simple cracks, you might have to have your concrete removed and replaced, which can be much more costly.

As you can see, it's not a good idea to ignore the cracks in your concrete driveway. If you happen to spot any cracks, now is the time to work with a concrete contractor to have them repaired. You can also track their size using a concrete crack measurement device and have them repaired when they start to worsen.