Essential Safety Steps For Using Custom Portable Work Platforms

20 December 2016
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Portable work platforms allow employees to perform work that would otherwise not be possible. However, these work platforms can also become a safety hazard for those who do not use them properly. For example, when scissor lifts tilt over, the majority of these incidents lead to fatalities. To avoid deaths as a result of the use of work platforms, it is important for employees to be trained on the appropriate safety procedures.

Hire The Right Employees

Only employees who are trusted to use the work platform properly should be allowed to do so. It is the responsibility of the employee to perform a situational analysis to determine if there are any hazards and to respond appropriately. Then, management can take the steps necessary to correct any hazards.

Have Emergency Controls Available

Custom work platforms must always have emergency controls at the base of the platform. These emergency controls need to be marked clearly with the function that they are intended to serve. Any special cautions should be marked clearly. The rated work load must always be listed. Whether or not the work platform has electrical components that are insulated must also be stated clearly.

Make Sure Rotating Gears And Shafts Are Guarded

With moving platforms, one of the concerns regards rotating gears and shafts. Any part that is exposed to contact must be protected by a guard. This will reduce the risk that workers will become injured when they accidentally come in contact with these parts.

Train Employees To Identify Mechanical Problems

Employees must be trained on how to identify when there is a problem with a mechanical part so that this part can be repaired or replaced. It is essential to be proactive in order to make sure that parts do not become defective in a manner that would cause injuries or damage to the machinery. Any platform that is found to not be in safe working condition must be removed until it has been serviced.

Do Not Modify The Platform

Aerial platforms must never be used for a purpose that it was not intended and must not be modified for a purpose it was not intended for. If a work platform is needed for a new purpose, contact a supplier that offers custom portable work platforms.

To make sure that the safety procedures are followed properly, it is important to have strict enforcement policies. Employees need to be informed about why it is important to follow these safety procedures, and those employees who do not follow safety procedures must face disciplinary action. For more information about working with platforms, contact a company like X-Deck.