Practical Advantages To Expect From Putting A Beam Lift Rental On A Construction Crane

26 July 2021
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In construction projects, it's pretty normal to lift some heavy equipment and materials. That's what cranes can do, which come with a lot of great accessories, including a beam lift. If you fitted a beam lift rental on your crane, you should expect a number of practical advantages.

Lift Points Can Be Adjusted

Any time you have uniquely sized materials that require transportation around a construction site, such as long metal pipes, then a beam lift rental is going to help you support these materials with stability and control. This instrument has multiple lift points that can be adjusted along the beam lift.

You thus have more control over the way different materials are secured to the beam lift before they're transported from one location to the next. You can keep changing the orientation of these lift points as much as you want depending on what's being moved.

Adequately Support Unbalanced Loads

Some of your loads may not be properly balanced. You don't want to just move forward and lift them because them you may have materials that fall down once transportation begins or the lifting equipment might suffer complications.

You need a way to counter the unbalanced nature of certain materials and that's what you can do when you rent out a beam lift and put it on your crane. There is a single attachment point at the top that can be adjusted like the bottom lift points. You'll just need to find an optimal location to where unbalanced loads are supported perfectly as to avoid complicated material transportation issues.

Simple Design

There really are not a lot of advanced parts that come with beam lifts for rent. That should bring comfort because it means you'll be able to use this crane attachment effectively without having to struggle with maintenance at any point.

A beam lift will simply have the beam and lifting points that connect to your crane and the materials being moved around a construction site. Since there aren't a lot of complex parts or systems, you should be fully capable of having success with this lifting attachment early on. 

If there is a temporary project on a construction site involving heavy material lifting, one attachment you might get for your crane is a beam lift. It's not the most complex lifting attachment, but it does provide plenty of versatility in the way materials are moved efficiently.