Helpful Tips For Using A Combustion Control System With Your Industrial Boiler

11 February 2021
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If you operate an industrial boiler in your place of business, then you might be interested in putting a combustion control system to use. Combustion control systems are commonly used with industrial boilers and other large, gas-powered equipment, but you might not have much experience with these types of systems. These are a few tips that can help you when it's time to make use of one of these systems.

Understand the Value of a Combustion Control System

If you still aren't sure of whether or not a combustion control system is actually a necessity in your facility, you should consider the reasons why these systems can be so valuable. They are great for increasing efficiency, keeping your boiler up and running in a reliable manner, cutting down on safety issues and risks, and more. If you have an industrial boiler in use and have not purchased a combustion control system to use with it yet, then you should definitely prioritize doing so soon.

Purchase the Right Combustion Control System

Of course, there are different types of combustion control systems that can be used with industrial boilers. Choose one that is appropriately sized for your industrial boiler. Additionally, consider looking for a more feature-rich combustion control system since it can make operation even easier.

Learn How to Tune Your Combustion Control System

When your combustion control system is first set up, it will need to be tuned so that it will provide the right air and gas mixture based on the type and size of industrial boiler that you have. You might need help from a professional to get your system set up properly. Then, from time to time, you may need to hire a professional to check and re-tune your combustion control system to ensure that it's operating properly.

Save the Reports from Your System

Your combustion control system should provide you with reports about the operation of your boiler and the amount of gas that it has been using. You may want to keep these reports. After all, you might be required to submit to inspections or submit documentation to prove that you have been operating your industrial boiler in a safe manner, and this paperwork can help you with doing so. Additionally, you can look at these reports to determine what changes might need to be made to your boiler or to your combustion control system, too.