How Long Does It Take To Install A Well?

28 August 2019
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Installing your own water well will allow you to have more control over where you get your water. However, you might wonder how soon you'll be able to drink water from your own well. While it will likely take longer than a day, it surprisingly doesn't take that long to get your water well running.

Obtaining the Permit and Equipment

One of the obstacles to drilling a water well is obtaining the right permits. Then, you'll have to obtain the equipment that is necessary to dig your well. You'll need to find out exactly how your well needs to be constructed to suit your needs in order to know what type of equipment you'll need. 

Drilling the Well

Once you have permission and the necessary equipment, you'll need to drill to the recommended depth. You'll usually need to drill 100 feet below the surface. You will then need to insert a steel casing so that you'll be able to trap the water. 

Testing the Water

One of the challenges of getting water from a well is that there is no guarantee that the water will be safe to drink. You'll need to have the water tested before you can know whether you can safely drink the water. Fortunately, if you hire professionals, they will already have the equipment that is necessary to test your water. Regardless of whether you test the water yourself or not, it will usually take one to three days to determine whether the water is safe to drink.

Purifying the Water

Fortunately, there are water purification methods that can be used to make your water safe to drink. You will simply need to know which water purification methods would be suitable based on the type of impurities that are found in your water. Water purification is also used to soften your water so that it can be used for other things, such as washing your clothes and taking a shower, without having to worry about hard water problems.

The fastest way to have your well installed is to hire a professional to handle it for you. While you can install your well on your own, having a professional install it will make the process much faster and you'll be less likely to make a mistake. Professionals know where to place the well to have the best water pressure and so the water is as safe as possible. 

Reach out to a water well drilling company to learn more.