Buying Tips For Industrial Hand Trucks

8 May 2019
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When your warehouse employees are moving around heavy freight, an industrial hand truck is a vital piece of equipment. Hand trucks are ideal for use when a pallet jack would be overkill but the freight is too heavy to move by carrying it. Additionally, when used correctly, a hand truck can prevent back injuries and lower your workers' compensation claims.

If your warehouse needs a hand truck and you can't decide which one to purchase, then these buying tips will assist you:

Buying Tip: Go for the Maximum Load Capacity

When buying a hand truck, you should always go with the maximum load capacity model when your decision comes down to one versus the other. Even if your everyday freight isn't horribly heavy, your warehouse staff will invariably be required to move around equipment and one-off packages that are excessively heavy. A hand truck with a maximum load capacity means they can quickly and easily get the job done.

Buying Tip: Choose an Upright Hand Truck for Industrial Use

When you are shopping for a hand truck, it's easy to get lost in all of the different options. For example, you may look at collapsible hand trucks and imagine them stored neatly away at the end of the day. However, collapsible hand trucks are not ideal for industrial use and should be avoided. Instead, choose an upright hand truck for better stability.

Buying Tip: Opt for a Hand Truck Made of Steel

Hand trucks are available in a wide variety of different types of metal. While you may be tempted by the lighter weight of one made of aluminum or steel carbide, it's always best to opt for a hand truck that's made of steel. Steel is resistant to rusting and damage from repeatedly being banged around or dropped on its back in the warehouse.

Buying Tip: A Stair-Climbing Hand Truck is Necessary if There Are Stairs in Your Warehouse

If your warehouse has a storage loft with stair access or your warehouse workers load smaller delivery trucks down by the loading dock, then a stair-climbing model of hand truck is a necessity. These hand trucks have three small rear wheels instead of one large one, making them much easier to navigate up and down staircases. Rather than trying to drag one wheel up and down, the smaller wheels instead rotate on an axle and easily navigate each one of the stairs. 

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