Product Handling Service Upgrades For Your Manufacturing Warehouse

29 January 2019
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If you own and operate a manufacturing warehouse, then you know the need for detailed product handling services. Like most manufacturing warehouses, you probably have a service already in place. If you have upgraded your shipping department to handle train-loaded cargo, boat cargo, and on-site storage, then the current handling service you have may not be working anymore. Here are some upgrades you can make to your current services and how they can benefit your overall warehouse management.

Warehouse Operations Upgrades

One of the main areas you will need to make product handling upgrades in is the warehouse. In fact, the warehouse is the first place you should start since that is where every product will originate from before moving to the loading docks or shipping areas. One of the upgrades you can have done is a new stock and ordering system. This system can be a fully digital system that helps to reduce the time it takes for workers to locate the current stock, replenish that stock, and track the stock as it moves through shipping. By simply upgrading to a smart connected tracking system, you can keep track of the stock from origin to destination easily with the swipe of a tablet or tracking device.

Rail Car Loading and Unloading

One of the leading upgrades for rail car transport is in the loading and unloading of the products. Currently you may be going a traditional route of having your employees double up on jobs. For example, they may drive the forklift or truck with the products to the train area. On arrival, they may also be unloading the items and marking them off as loaded. This is time consuming for your employees and can be upgraded by hiring a loading and unloading team that works as not only the loading and unloading but also as inventory specialists. This will allow your other employees to remain as drivers and warehouse loaders and maintain the flow of the work environment.

Barge Loading and Unloading

Barge loading and unloading is an ideal upgrade if you use a marina and fleet for your products that go overseas. For this upgrade you would not only use the product handling services of the loaders and unloaders, but you would also use the services for overseas product transportation specialists that can ensure each package meets the current labeling and shipping guidelines (depending on the country of destination). The packages can be checked, marked, and shipped with assurance that guidelines are being kept.

These are just a few of the product handling service upgrades you can make to your manufacturing warehouse. If you think any of these services would be ideal for your current warehouse situation, contact a service provider. They can help you with the type of services that work best for you and implementing those services to fit your needs. They can also help with pricing and with any questions you have for your specific business.