Roll-Off Dumpster Issues To Solve Now

29 June 2018
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If you're accumulating waste on a regular basis, you'll likely need to rent several roll-off dumpsters throughout the year. However, to use them effectively in a way that won't make your own work harder. Issues like these should be handled well before you receive delivery of the first dumpster.

Drop-off Point Selection

Roll-off dumpsters are heavy enough when empty; they can weigh many tons after they've been filled. For the integrity of your site, it's best to have them delivered to a spot that can handle weight like that. Grass is typically not appropriate, as the dumpsters will likely leave large indentations, especially if rain falls during any time. Paved asphalt or concrete are typically good spots for the dumpsters. In addition, watch for branches or power lines that could interfere with the dumpsters being dropped down or put onto the trailers that transport them. If you're unsure, ask for help selecting a suitable drop spot.

Forbidden Items

Anything that will lead to surcharges and more fees should be avoided, but people often forget to check the forbidden lists from rental companies. There will always be some items that are just not permitted, such as paint, machine batteries or hazardous liquids. Don't attempt to hide them under other items; should you be discovered, more money will be required of you. Respect the list and the company by placing forbidden materials to the side until you've made plans for them.

Recycling Materials

All of the waste generated might not be appropriate for the dumpster. In addition to forbidden items, you might have wood, bricks and similar leftover materials. Rather than putting them in the roll-offs, explore recycling options in the area. Centers might arrange pickup of some materials so that you have more room for other items in the dumpsters.

Schedule Adherence

Of course, while you're renting the dumpsters you'll be charged for the time you're using them. If workers are hours or days behind, you may end up with a roll-off dumpster on site that isn't being used yet. Rather than paying for idle time, ensure that your schedule is adhered to so that when dumpsters arrive, they can be used and transported without tacking on extra fees for idle hours.

Roll-off dumpsters help you maintain site cleanliness. Speaking about your company and sites to roll off dumpster rental company staff can give them the information necessary to offer you appropriate dumpster services and a mutually beneficial working relationship.