Are You Using Your Air Compressor Correctly? 3 Signs That Say No

21 December 2016
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Sure, having an air compressor on hand is great. However, simply having the air compressor isn't enough to experience all the benefits it offers; using the device correctly is more important for accomplishing this goal. If you're like most people, you could be making even a tiny mistake that is affecting the overall function and efficiency of the unit. Learn what these errors are to get the most out of your air compressor.

Ignoring Air Leaks

If your air compressor is experiencing a leak, recognize that this is not okay. This is even the case if the air leak is small. Think of it this way: a leak of any size is costing you more money and the size of the leak will denote just how much.

This is the case whether you are using the air compressor as a blowing application or as a method to power your tools. Think of the compressor as a power source so any air that is being lost is basically wasted energy. Not only will this increase operating costs, but it can also accelerate wear since you will have to work the compressor harder to compensate for the leaking air. At the first sign of a leak, have it repaired.

Choosing The Wrong Size Compressor

In terms of size, if you're not erring toward the side of less is more, you're costing yourself money. If you chose a unit that was too large for your needs, not only did you waste money on the purchase, but you're also wasting money when operating the unit.

All compressors are designed to operate at a certain PSI level. If your PSI needs are around 75, but the unit is designed to accommodate 100 PSI, the unit is not going to self-adjust to a 75 PSI output, it's still going to output at 100. This basically results in wasted energy.

Using The Wrong Pressure Level

In the world of air compressors, units that allow you to adjust the pressure level are ideal. However, if you're using one of these units, make sure you're actually taking advantage of this feature.

When you have the pressure setting at a level that is higher than the required operating pressure, not only do you waste energy, but in the case of using the compressor to power tools, you run the risk of causing unnecessary damage to the tools. In essence, you're sending too much power back into the tools, which could case motor failure.   

Make sure you're using your compressor with efficiency and function in mind. If you have concerns about your unit, an air compressor retailer or certified technician can help you. Learn more information at websites like