Why The Boom On A Crane Truck Malfunctions

19 December 2016
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Has the boom on your crane truck become too problematic to use on construction sites? There are a few things that might cause a boom to stop functioning. The hydraulic system is one of the most common reasons for a boom to become problematic, such as by causing it to move slower than usual. This article covers different aspects of a crane truck that can cause boom problems when they are not in good shape.

Hydraulic Fluid Is Highly Contaminated

In order for a crane truck boom to move, it must have access to hydraulic fluid. Unless your truck is out of hydraulic fluid, the problem might stem from it having a lot of contaminants in it. Contaminants such as dirt and pieces of metal can interfere with movement of the boom because they create jams between parts. Getting fresh hydraulic fluid in the truck might be the only thing that is necessary for resolving the boom problem.

The Boom Has Become Too Rusty

It is possible that the boom on your crane truck is in need of a little maintenance. For instance, being that the boom is made out of metal, there might be an accumulation of rust on it. The good thing about a rusty boom is that sometimes getting it lubricated can bring it back to a satisfactory working condition. In the case where rust is too severe, you might need to get the boom replaced. Severe rust on a boom can make it fragile and easy to break, which could lead to someone getting injured.

Fluid Leaks Out of the Lines

You might want to make an appointment for a contractor to inspect the hydraulic lines to your boom truck. He or she can carefully inspect the lines to find out if hydraulic fluid has been leaking out of them. When there is a line leak, it leads to the boom getting little to no hydraulic fluid. You must understand that the fluid is one of the most important aspects of the truck that helps the boom operate.

Hydraulic Cylinders Need to Be Sealed Up

There are a few cylinders that are on a crane truck that helps the book function. The cylinders are not useful when they have holes and are unable to hold hydraulic fluid. If it is found that the cylinders have holes in them, seals can be put in place to prevent fluid from leaking out. The crane truck boom should then begin to function as it is designed to do. Contact a company that specializes in hydraulic cylinder repair seals to learn more.