Ensuring Employee Safety In A Truck Loading Dock

21 November 2016
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If you just opened an industrial warehouse, and you have a truck loading dock available to receive shipments, the safety of your employees and drivers is one of the main priorities when utilizing this area. In a spot with a lot of activity like this, there is a potential for injury. Here are a few tips you can instill in your truck loading dock area to help in keeping employees and drivers safe from harm.

Keep Sharp Corners Covered

Padding or guards should be placed on any sharp corners within the loading dock area. These are secured into place with a heavy-duty cement, helping to keep drivers from scraping their arms or legs as they get in or out of their vehicle in addition to when they walk down a corridor to the interior of the warehouse loading area. Padding should be placed around the interior edges of the loading door as well to help protect the sides of any vehicles backing up into the opening.

Use Barricades To Stop Falling Injuries

Dock barricades should be positioned along any raised surface where someone is at risk of falling to ground-level. These should be placed along any open area to contain vehicles, products, and people. It is a good idea to place signs near any spot where a barricade is located to alert those in the area to watch their footing as they make their way into the warehouse to make their deliveries.

Keep The Docking Area Clean

Make it a priority to have the last shift clean the loading dock area at the end of a workday. This will ensure all debris is removed before trucks arrive the next day. Brooms, cleansers, buckets, and mops should be stored in a closet near to the docks to handle any spills immediately. Make sure there are cones or signs indicating the area is wet to place in the area after a cleaning process has been completed.

Offer Safety Training Courses

All employees should be trained in how to handle accidents and what precautions should be taken around the loading dock area. Invite drivers to sit in on structured lessons to learn more about your docking station setup before they use the area for shipment purposes. Calling your trucking companies to set up training times for their drivers will ensure all who utilize the area are at a lower risk of injury while performing their jobs.

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